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Online Casino Games

This section covers all the games that you are sure to encounter in your online casino adventures.

This is the place for you, whether you are a skilled poker player who wants to learn more about the game, its history and basic rules, or a curious fan who wants to learn the basics of baccarat before playing the game for the first time. Same goes for slots, roulette, blackjack and more.

We try to help our visitors find not only the best places to play online casino games, but also find the games that are the most fun to play. Below you will find the different types of casino games available to be played online, and where you can play them.


The most popular casino table game, blackjack was known as '21' from its invention in France in the 1600s. It was renamed 'blackjack' as early US casinos would offer a bonus if you were dealt an ace and a black jack. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer without scoring more than twenty-one points. With perfect strategy, the house edge in blackjack is between 0.65 and 0.17 percent, depending upon the rules that are in play.



The game of roulette very definitely originated in France - indeed 'roulette' is French for 'little wheel'. In roulette a tiny ball is sent hurtling around a roulette wheel with 37 (the European version) or 38 (the American version) numbered pockets. You can bet on which pocket the ball will eventually land up in. There are many kinds of bets you can make, and the house edge is 2.6 (European) or 5.2 percent (American).



Amazingly, the first slot machine was introduced in 1891 in New York. The slot had five drums containing ten playing cards each. The aim was to obtain as best a poker hand as you could. The machine had no automated payout system - you had to alert the bartender if you were a winner! Since then slots have advanced spectacularly in terms of sophistication, and online slots have blessed the humble slot machine with a whole new dimension. The house edge on a slot can be anything from 2 to 8 percent.


Video poker

Probably the most recent entry into the casino games realm, video poker was 'invented' by Si Redd, a gaming expert at Bally who used the success of video poker to create his own company Sircoma, which eventually became IGT. Video poker is one player draw poker where you need to land at least a pair of jacks to gain a winning hand. Depending on the factors of a particular version of video poker, the house edge can be anything from between 1.1 and 0.46 percent.



Craps is the casino world's most popular dice game, just beating the Asian favourite of Sic bo into second place. Craps is all about the experience as much as it is about the gameplay, as the players themselves throw the dice down the table in the hope of starting and maintaining a winning streak. Craps is a distinctly American game, even though it originated in England as 'hazard'. There are lots of bets in craps, each with a different house edge. The main bet - 'pass line' - has a house edge of 1.41 percent.



If you like to play the lottery, then keno is the game for you. Keno is to Asia as craps is to the USA. It's thought that keno was invented in China and goes back many hundreds of years. It spread to the US when railroad firms hired cheap Chinese labour and the workers brought keno with them. In the game you pick up to twenty numbers on a keno ticket, and then twenty numbers are drawn from a keno machine. The more you get right, the more cash you win. Keno has a house edge of between 4 and 35 percent, depending upon how many numbers you choose.



Another card game, baccarat is a very basic pastime that's popular with high rollers and in Asian casinos. The aim of the game is bet on one of two hands - the 'player' or the 'banker' - and if you bet on the winning hand then you're a winner yourself. The victorious hand is the one with a 'units' total closest to nine. Baccarat was invented in Italy in the 1400s and evolved as it made its way through France and then the USA. The house edge on the banker bet is 1.06 percent, and 1.24 on the player bet.


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